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The Synergetic Story

Synergetic Web Group was founded by Jenny LaScala who began her career in web development in 1998. While there are a number of agencies available to assist large companies with deep pockets, it is difficult to find a company who identifies, understands and is familiar with the needs of small businesses.

This is Synergetic Web Group – a company founded on the need to educate and assist small businesses in becoming web brilliant.  While other companies speak of the value of a web presence, we put our methods to practice, creating the best results, with a reasonable price tag.  The final product is an online marketing strategy that artfully blends creativity with technology.  In fact, getting the most for your money may just be an understatement.

Online marketing is far more successful with the perfect balance of a broad overview, in order to foresee every possibility, and a careful attentiveness to all aspects of development, in order to ensure that all pieces fall into place.  Jenny is the ideal big picture person with an astute comprehension of all of the details.  It is this approach that provides your small business with the capability to grow, not just in size, but, in strength and functionality.

Synergetic is not a one-woman show.  As a writer and creative consultant, Diane is Jenny’s right hand.  She has an excellent eye for the aesthetics of websites and can transform a client’s thoughts and feelings into words and pictures.  This creative combination, together with Jenny’s geeky expertise, come together to bring the best of both worlds to Synergetic’s clients.

Are you still confused about the internet and the importance of web marketing or are you so web savvy that you think your business has exhausted all of your online solutions?  That’s no problem.  Jenny is a most enthusiastic guide who can provide tips, strategies and observations for novices and experts, alike.

Synergetic Web Group also sponsors a blog dedicated to educating small businesses about the web, social media, email marketing and ecommerce. You can view it at

Synergetic Web Group is located in the San Francisco East Bay, right in the heart of the Tri-Valley. We’re the perfect design agencies for local businesses in Dublin, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Livermore, Fremont, Castro Valley, Danville, Alamo, Walnut Creek and beyond.